She hears rumor about a dog who cries in the mountains at night – climbs up and makes discovery like no other

Animal lover, Trinity Smith from Colorado, USA was in two minds when she heard a rumour about a dog barking up on a nearby mountain.
Faced with the question, was there a poor despairing animal stuck on the mountain or could it just the sound of a coyote barking at night?
The mountain can be an unforgiving landscapecwhere there are no people or buildings. A domestic dog lost in such a desolate landscape would be at the mercy of nature and its wildlife.
However, weeks prior this a dog was reported missing in her local area. This fact alone gave Trinity the determination to go and see if the barking was in fact that very dog. Even though the chances of the dog surviving out there for that period of time was very slim.
Without further hesitation off up the moutains she set in search of a the dog.
It would was not long after arriving that she heard faint barks and realised that the runours were true, there was a dog lost up there somewhere.
As she scaled the mountain the it clearly became evident the barks were coming from a dog. But the problem she now faced was how to establish where exactly the barks were coming from. They were coming from a distance away and it was tedious to pin point the exact location.
Hours passed as Trinity searched and searched for the misfortunate dog, but darkness had began to set in and Trinity knew the mountain was no place to be at night.

Knowing she had narrowed down her search area Trinity took off again the very next day to search. This time she took a companion, her friend Sean Nichols.
For hours they searched, shouting at the top of their lungs for the dog but to their dismay received no reply.
Their spirits were beginning to drop and faith in now finding the animal was low. But then out of nowhere they heard a bark, it was near enough that they could direct themselves to its source.
As they hurriedly rushed to where they had heard the bark they came upon sickly thin dog heaped next to a rock. The dog was in desperate need of help.
There is no doubt in Trinity and Sean’s mind that the dog would have soon died if they had not found it that fateful day.

When they found the owners of the dog they were shocked to hear it was 14 years old. The dogs name was Chloe and she was in fact the missing dog reported weeks ago.
Chloe had got off her leash while out walking with her owners six weeks earlier. They had failed to find her that day and they themselves had searched everyday for several weeks.
Chloe had spent six week alone in the unforgiving landscape of the mountainside. When Sean and Trinity found her she weighed 26 pounds and was nothing but skin and bone.
After the long trek back down off the mountain they posted to social media that they had located the dog that was barking at night high up in the mountain.
The owners who had all but lost hope for their beloved pets safe return found out a dog had been found. Without any hesitation they contacted Trinity to see if it was their beloved Chloe.
Chloe and Sean were heading to the pet store some dog food the very moment her owners had rang. They arranged to meet with the in the parking area outside the store. There were emotional scenes when Chloe was finally reunited with her owners.

Dogs as old as Chloe are not built to loose vast amounts of weight at their age. When a dog is that old it becomes harder for the body to recover. Amazingly Chloe showed major signs of improvement only days after being rescued. She really is one heck of a fighter and survivor.
Chloe has been getting regular visit from Trinity and Sean who are now her new besties. It will take a few more weeks before she is back to full health again but we are sure she will have many more happy years ahead of her. For a dog of her age to survive six weeks on a barren mountain alone truely is a remarkable achievement.

It is always great to see animal lovers go above and beyond to help a poor stricken animal. Hats off to Trinity and Sean, you are two remarkable young individuals.
Please SHARE Chloe’s remarkable story and lets wish her a speedy recovery!


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