13 Reasons Kids Will End Up Driving You Insane. My Daughter Does #5 Almost Everyday

I think every mom and dad is going to be able to relate to the list below. If you even know a child then you can probably relate to it aswell. Enjoy

1 – I told him he couldn’t go trick or treating in March

2 – He can’t reach the pennies. They’re too far away.

3 – I can’t fix his cracker.

4 – His dinner isn’t ready.

5 – I said good morning

6 – She keeps dropping her fork.

7 – Microwave ate his lunch

8 – I wouldn’t give him beer

9 – Someone ate all the muffins ( It was him )

10 – He doesn’t want the banana he wasn’t offered

11 – He doesn’t want to go ( even though we’ve repeatedly told him we’re not going anywhere)

12 – She dropped a receipt we got from the gas station

13 – Her brother joined her for breakfast

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Credit: 925style on Facebook

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