Older Woman Was Supposed To Deliver Prayer, Instead She Has The Audience In Stitches

During a dinner hosted to honor caregivers, Mary Maxwell is called to stage say a prayer before the meal commences. Unbeknownst to the audience, Mary has more than a prayer in mind for them. After she says grace she soon has her audience rolling around in laughter as she delivers a hilarious speech on aging, giving a light-hearted break down of the challenges people face with age.
Growing old can be a very scary prospect to most, but Mary takes all things in her stride. She brilliantly manages to bring the best of humor to a topic that normally fills most with dread and fear, saying, “The thing about old age is you don’t get to practice. This is the first time I’ve ever been old… it just sort of crept up on me.”

Mary believes that as long as you do not take life too serious, everything will just work out like it is meant to! The hilarity of her delivery was classic with lines like “This is the first time I’ve ever been old” and “It just sort of crept up on me” the whole audience rolling around in laughter.
Comedians in general tend to avoid the subject of aging. But you can tell with Mary’s hilarious prayer, shes not one to shy away from the most relevant topic at the celebration.

Mary’s view on the subject of aging was not only very refreshing, she had the entire audience laughing out loud with her brilliant humor.
With well over 13 million views to date, there’s a reason why this speech has gone so viral! Mary is just one hell of a funny lady!

Mary is such a unique old lady, she has her own online blog with followers of all ages.
Her love of humor and laughter has helped her age gracefully. Everyone needs laughter in their lives she says:, no matter what age they are.

Press play on the video below and listen to Mary’s rib tickling routine!

Do you fear aging?
Or do you embrace it?
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