Mom Simply Said, “Go To Bed.” Twins’ Response Caught Even Her Off Guard

Parents that have twins know all too well that it means you get double of everything! One thing for certain is you can expect double the experience, but you will also get double the mess and double the trouble.

Bedtime is always one of them moments when it can become quite frustrating for most parents! Not for this clever mom though, when the time comes for her to put her two adorable twins to bed she had it down to a fine art.

Unlike most kids who will object profusely to the smallest mention of the word “BEDTIME”, her two little boys take it in their stride and run into their bedrooms. Her routine with the twins has amazed parents throughout the world.

Anyone who has had the experience of trying to put a toddler to bed will appreciate why people are buzzing about this naptime masterpiece. It truly is a very clever idea and taps into the twins adventurous minds. Parents Magazine revealed, there are several important reasons why toddlers are so hesitant when it comes to naps. The first, and most common, reason is due to the toddler’s new sense of independence.

The independence this mom gives her two toddlers allows them to perform adult tasks themselves. They can pick out their own outfits, put their own clothes on and even brush their own teeth. In their own minds they are teenagers! Toddlers will often throw tantrums to avoid bedtime because they want to keep playing! Thankfully, this mom with her amazing approach does not have any problem when bedtime comes in her house.

These two adorable little toddlers turn bedtime into an adventure of all sorts. No doubt when their little heads hit the pillow they will instantly fall asleep.

When mom mentions the word “bedtime” the two boys race to their bedroom. No tantrums or screaming ensue and certainly no hissy fits! The little boys instantly sprint towards their bedroom and jump in their cribs! To them it is a game and a great relief for mom!

They bolt down the hallway, entering the bedroom and climbing into their cribs over the rail with catlike skills. Once they are settle in their cribs, these little stars are all smiles!

They adore this adventurous journey every night and being able to climb into their cribs is like a mini Olympics for the athletic duo. Their are just so adorable and cute to watch!

Check out the adorable routine for yourself in the video below. One thing is for sure, this mom has mastered the art of getting children to bed with no hassle or tantrums. Giving the boys certain control in their bedtime routine. This technique seems to have appealed to their nature.

The two little men are going to be properly-rested angels thanks to their love for bedtime! And just how cute are they?!

Do you have a routine you set for your kids that works as effectively as this? If so then please tell us about it in the comments section on facebook.

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