Mom photographs exhausted 7 year old, when friend sees the girl’s leg, she immediately shares the photo online

Some of the most demanding jobs in the world today can be very tough and can push the human body to the very limits. Job’s such as Bering sea crab fishing, firefighter’s, Navy Seals and working on oil rigs would come to mind as some of the toughest jobs one can have.
But there is one job many neglect and forget when asked the question – What is a demanding job?
This job is not only a 24 hour a day job, at this job you work harder, longer and get paid absolutely nothing at the end of the week.

Yes! You got it, I am referring to the job of being a mom!
Without a doubt being a mom is one of the hardest most demanding jobs of all on this earth.
Yes the job is filled with love and joy at times, but it also has a bucket load of stress, fatigue and anxiety associated with it.
Mom’s cannot say “I Quit”, mom’s cannot just walk away or retire. When you become a mom you are in it for the long haul.
Sam Jess Griffin is a mom and she know all too well of the trials and trivulations of being a mom. Sam has got her work cut out for her with the small army she looks after.
Day and night she is kept going looking after her five children all of whom are under the age of 8.

Sam gets a helping hand from her daughter Lainie, she is the second eldest and loves her mom very much.
In fact she loves her mom so much, last Halloween she decided to dress up as her. Not wanting to be a witch or princess like every other girl, Lainie just wanted to look like her favorite person – her mom.
After snooping through closets at home, Lainie finally managed to find the perfect costume for Halloween.

Her idea was sensational, she found a pink sweat shirt and matching pants and to finish it off picked up two dolls – adding one to her leg mimicing a clutching infant and another in her hands.
She then added some dark makeup to give the effect of dark circles under her eye’s, to show how tired mom’s can get. She even went as far as creating fake baby vomit on her top.
And moments later, voila — she was a copy of her beloved mother.
A friend of sam’s after seeing Lainie, thought it was so hilarious she decided to share it on facebook.
The image of Lainie quickly spread all over the internet with mom’s world wide breaking into sweats of laughter. I think every mother in the world cn relate with the look of little Lainie in her costume.

Do you think being a mom is the most demanding job in the world?
Share you’re reasons why in the comments section if you do.
Please SHARE this amazing young girl’s love for her mom and her amazing costume of what it is like to be a mom.

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