Mom Panics After Seeing Newborn’s Body Is 80% Covered In Dark Moles – Then She Hears The Diagnosis

When Dylan Little was born with moles covering 80 percent of his tiny body, his parents Kara and Nikki panicked.

On top of a massive dark mark covering Dylan’s entire back, life-threatening birthmarks also covered his legs and arms.

Dylan Little Was Born With A Rare Condition Called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus

His parent’s greatest concern was to protect their son from the moles developing into a deadly skin cancer, a strong possibility if they didn’t get him the proper surgery to remove the crimson marks.

Nearly 80 Percent Of His Body Was Covered With Crimson Colored Birthmarks

Doctors diagnosed their son with the rare condition known as Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevu.

Dylan Proves How Much Of A Warrior He Is With His Sunny Attitude

They inserted implants, similar to those used for breast enlargement, underneath Dylan’s healthy skin.

Because The Mole On His Back Was So Large, Skin Grafts Were Necessary

Dylan would have to undergo 29 painful surgeries in order to remove the large mole on his back and the smaller ones covering his body.

Gradually The Skin On His Back Was Replaced

However, doctors have successfully removed more than half of Dylan’s life-threatening birthmarks.

His loving parents did whatever they could to keep their brave boy safe, including protecting him from nasty comments from strangers who didn’t understand his condition.

After Countless Surgeries, Nearly Half Of The Moles Have Been Removed

Watch the full video below:

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