Mom And 2 Kids Too Scared To Answer Door. Then She Checks Security Cam

Every child is told from a young age to not open the door to stranger’s when they are at home. Many adults follow this same rule and Melissa Vang is one such person.
There many cases and stories that would give reason to her cautiousness. We all know of circumstances where people with ill intentions come calling to people’s doorstep’s with nothing but malice and ill intentions in mind to commit an evil act.
On the day in question, Melissa Vang was home with her two children when the doorbell rang. Not knowing who it was, she was more than reluctant to answer, so she decided to purposely ignore it.

Luckily their house had a security camera located at the front door of the house. Vang knew she could check the footage after the stranger had left to see who exactly was at her door.
Upon inspecting the footage she was very touched and in high spirits. The individual who had approached her front door that day was a young teenager who had no bad intentions.
Tyler Opdyke had called to Melissa’s house with nothing but good intention. And surprisingly enough he was more than happy to see a security camera in place.


Upon finding the security camera, Opdyke waved a valuable item to the camera. The item in question was in fact belonged to Melissa’s husband who had unintentionally dropped it on the driveway while getting into his car that very morning.


Tyler discovered the item while distributing flyer for his Uncle’s pest control business around the locality. The wallet was filled with cash amounting to $1,500 and also contained credit cards.
One might wonder why such a large sum of money was in the wallet. Her husband had recently collected money from family members for an upcoming event. Opdyke had nothing but good will in his heart, calling to the front door simply to return the lost wallet.


He had noticed people were in the house when he heard the children inside, but was met with no answer. But he went above and beyond to show his goodwill by displaying the wallet to the camera before placing it on the front door mat.
Opdyke said when interviewed, “I’ve been raised in the Church all my life and I just felt this is not mine.” Vang was able to meet up with Opdyke to thank him and even reward him “for his kind gesture.”
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