Man Spots ‘Square Waves’ In Ocean, Investigates And Discovers How Dangerous They Are

The planet we live on can truly be a magnificent and wondrous place. But more often than not we are reminded that this planet is not just our when it shows us its true raw power and strength. Regardless of this, sometimes, its sheer beauty can often hide something that can be very dangerous to us. The small island of Rhe in France is just 19 miles long and three miles wide. Tourists that visit the island are often intrigued by a specific set of waves that display mother nature at her most powerful.

These waters are very different to that of any other island, the waves here showcase a very strange pattern. The waters are strangely shaped into squares much similar to that of a chess board, perfectly displayed on the ocean surface around this small island. Visitors gather at the local lighthouse to witness this beautiful spectacle on display from the highly elevated area!

Many tourists are dumbfounded with what they are witnessing and as to how it actually occurs. The island is located in an area where two seas meet, which enables this wonderful event to take place. This area of water is called a cross sea, as the two seas that intersect in this location have different weather patterns. This unusual weather phenomenon creates different wave patterns which clash with each other and eventually squares begin to form over time, much to the tourists delight!

There is no doubt they are a marvel to behold, but the cross sea is a very dangerous area of water to be in, the riptides in these waters are far stronger than any you may have ever experienced. If you were to be caught in a riptide during a cross sea, you would be in grave danger. Thankfully the weather patterns do not create this phenomenon all the time and the waters around the island are relatively safe for the visiting tourists to enjoy.

We can very often forget about the nature around us as we go about our every day, we love the amazing sights mother nature puts on display for us. Although we would definitely not want to find ourselves stuck in the middle of those cross seas, but we will be adding it to our must-see natural wonder bucket list! It’s another reminder that the ocean,land and weather are powerful and stronger than any of us, and with that said, I hope we can all learn to appreciate our planet and its wonders a little bit more.

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