Man Is Beating Up Woman In Park, Camera Captures Must See Footage

Many people say they would help a stranger in need of help if the circumstance arose, but we don’t all react as we think we would when faced with such a situation. These youtube stars decided to see what how people would react when faced with a man beating up a defenceless woman. The social experiment gained a lot of attention from females especially when they saw how passers by reacted.
Abusing a woman is a despicable act and the youtubers were not sure how this experiment would play out. Thankfully no one was injured in the making of this video and after gaining well over 17 million views, it certainly has caught the eyes of women the world wide. Check out the video below to understand exactly why…

Based on cetain statistics, wround 20 people in the United States face abuse every minute from their spouse. This statistic is very frightening, meaning thousands upon thousands face unknown abuse during their lives.
For many abuse cases it is hard for the victim to know where or who to turn to. For many it is hard to break free of this controlling environment. Through their lifetime, at least one-fourth of males and one-third of women will suffer some form of abuse.

Sadly, it is not only a problem in the United States. Worldwide similar statistics are seen in the majority of developed countries. And it was for this very reason these youtube stars decided to conduct this experiment.
Setting up their gear a short distance away hidden from the view of bypassers, they waited for people to pass by. As people approached, suddenly the male kicks into action pushing and shoving the helpless woman.

The purpose of the experiment was to see who would step up and put a stop to the abue taking place before their very eyes. Numerous passers by kept their heads down and walked on by, however there were the few good samaritan’s who came to the aid of the woman.
Being shocked at what they were seeing the strangers stepped in to what could have been a very real situation. They faced into an unknown and possibly dangerous situation to which we must highly commend them.

Watch this powerful social experiment for yourself in the video below! What would you have done if faced with this scenario? Has this ever happened you? Leave you’re answers in the comments section.

Please SHARE this to raise awareness of abuse that takes place on a daily basis.

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