Man hears cries for help under the house, but when he starts digging—he’s not ready.

Vadim and Aleksandra were delighted to see city workers finally mending the pavement beside their apartment block in Voroezh, Russia, as they exited the building recently.

The pavement had been in disrepair for over several weeks after it collapsed and the couple had been anxiously waiting for it to be finally repaired.

When they returned two hours later, they were surprised to hear barking and whimpering coming from underneath their porch steps.

They were very concerned about the well being of the dog they could hear.

“We were shocked,” Aleksandra told Bloknot-Voronezh. “We rushed to ask the neighbors what had happened. They only told us that the workers had fixed the hole…”

It turned out a stray dog had been buried alive and left for dead beneath the ground outside their apartment block. A pregnant dog – named Belka.

“We asked authorities and no one would help us,” Vadim’s wife, Aleksandra said. “Monsters!”

Local housing authorities and the city workers refused to help the couple rescue Belka. So Vadim decided to go and recue the dog all by himself.

Taking what tools he had he went outside and started to dig out the freshly laid bricks one by one.

As soon as he had enough bricks removed he began to dig through the sand underneath, eventually Vadim unearthed the pregnant stray dog and lifted her to safety while he wife filmed the rescue.

In the video, Aleksandra can be heard calling out to Belka through tears: “Come in my dear! Come out! Let’s go my sweetheart! Come out!”

Aleksandra told local newspaper, Bloknot-Voronezh, that she believes the negligent workers buried the dog in the sinkhole in a cruel act of indifference.

“I don’t believe that they just failed to notice the dog. It’s not a hamster. The workers probably just didn’t want to make an effort and retrieve the animal. The neighbors also proved to be indifferent. They understood the poor creature got trapped. But who wants to waste their time, getting their hands dirty? No one cared.”

Thanks to his quick thinking and kind heart, Belka was saved that day. Tragically, her puppies died in the womb after she spent two days buried without food and water.

Belka is now safely recovering in an animal shelter and will be put up for adoption soon.

Please Share this poor animals horrible ordeal with friends and family, the local authorities should be ashamed of themselves!

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