Lonely 61-year-old waits in vain for his birthday guests – but when he gets up, everything takes a turn

When 61-year-old Eduviges Villatoro went to celebrate his birthday with his family in a local restaurant.
He was not expecting the event that unfolded to happen.
Arriving early he set about arranging everything before family and friends arrived. Making sure there was ample seating, enough plates, decorations,party hats and also placed the cake on the table.
After finishing his small jobs he sat down and waited for the crowd to arrive. He waited- and waited, and waited. Time passed and still no one had turned up.
The other clientele of the restaurant began to wonder what was going on.
As time quickly passed by 61-year-old Eduviges was left sitting alone on his chair at an empty table.
There was was no one joining him for his birthday, not a family member or friend to be seen.

Determined to celebrate his birthday Eduviges decided to do take matters into his own hands. Clearing his throat as he stood up, Eduviges asked for the attention of the other guests at the restaurant.
“It’s my birthday today, I’m 61-years-old and I have prepared for a feast tonight. I bought a cake because I was supposed to meet my family here to celebrate my birthday. I hoped that my children, grandchildren and my wife would come. But as you can see, no one turned up,” Eduviges said, according to guest Patty Rodriguez who shared the incident on Facebook.
In a very touching moment with a tear in his eye, he then said.
“That is why I now ask if anyone wants to join me to celebrate my birthday and sing ‘Happy Birthday’. I would be eternally grateful.”

Not one person hesitated when they were invited to celebrate with Eduviges.
Each individual in the restaurant got up off their chairs, walked over to 61-year-old Eduviges hugging and congratulating him. A few others moved several tables together to give this endearing man a birthday he would not soon forget.
These people were strangers to Eduviges and yet showed him compassion and love in a beautiful display of humanities true attributes.

When the events that took place ended up on the internet, it quickly went viral. But there is a twist! Eduviges Villatoro’s birthday celebration was in fact a social experiment to see how people would react to such a scenario.
The results of the experiment surpassed all expectations, proving that humanity is alive and well still in today’s society.

This story gives us an insight as to why so many people are afraid of growing old. In the fast paced modern society many go about their daily business forgetting about the elderly. In many societies today people fail to look after their elderly as they go about their own self centered ways.
Many elderly people today live alone and have little or no visitors, they are forgotten fragments of the past to the youth. They live their last years out alone and many die alone.
Hopefully this story will have a knock on effect and help people remember their older friends and family, they should be shown the respect and love they deserve.
Sure this might have been an experiment, but look at what we can take from it. A big credit and applause is due for those inspiring people who helped make this 61-year-old’s birthday a day to remember.
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