If you test positive on any of these 6 at-home tests, go see your doctor immediately!

Some people suffer for years with different debilitating health conditions.

It’s always good to look after your health and with such simple home checks I do not see why everyone wouldn’t do them and tell their friends to do the same.

Most of the time it could be a simple fix but other times it may be something more serious. You should always make sure you do checks to make sure your health is in the best order. Here are 10 at home tests you can do to make sure you do not need to do to the doctor.

1 – Count your taste buds and see your cancer risk.

Put a small amount of food coloring on a pad and then dab in over the tongue. Use a magnifying glass to zoom in on your tongue, count the blue dots near the front part of the tongue.If you have more then 30 then you have a great sense of taste. This super-tasting is liked to an increased risk of some cancer types. Veggies like sprouts, cabbage, or broccoli contain compounds that protect against cancer, but these bitter compounds might taste too intense. Hence, combine bitters with potatoes or rice to help stop the strong taste.

2 – Test your salt intake by squeezing your legs.

Press down on your leg in a few difference places with your thumb. If the areas stay white for a couple of seconds after taking the thumb away, it then means you are retaining a lot of fluid. In order to fix this limit your salt intake and try drink more water to wash out the sodium.

3 – Test Your Nutrient Absorption By Burping

Put 1 small tablespoon of baking soda in a cup, leave it dissolve and then drink it. If you burp almost instantly then that’s a very good sign. If you don’t burp, your acid levels might be too low and you are not fully absorbing all of the fluids.

4 – Check Under Your Eyes, Test Your Cholesterol Levels

If you see any yellow bumps on the skin or under the eyes this could be an indication. These are deposits of fat that can indicate a raised cholesterol level. It’s best to go get them checked further by your doctor or gp.

5 – Blow Out a Candle, Test Your Lungs

If you cannot blow out a candle standing at least 30cm away from it then its a good sign you might have a problem with your lungs. You could have something like asthma.  If you do not have any other symptoms like night-time coughing but still failed, then you might need to try get fitter!

6 – Test for Candida by spitting in the morning.

Right when you wake in the morning, spit into a glass of water. If after 30 minutes the spit has white tendrils growing out of it or has gone gray you may have an overgrowth of candida in your body. This can be caused by digestive problems or even a lowered immune system. It is also linked to other problems like fatigue.. If you get a positive result then you should probably see a nutritionist or doctor.

Please share this valuable information with family and friends and you might help save a life! Happy Friday!




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