Here’s Everyone That Prince Harry Dated Before He Finally Settled Down With Meghan Markle

Possibly every single person on this planet knows that Prince Harry recently got engaged to actress Meghan Markle.

There’s possibly even a lonesome hermit who lives a quiet life of solitude away from the rest of the world on a Himalayan mountain who’s heard about it. Somebody take a boat and tell the lost tribes of the Amazon, we don’t want them to be left out and be the last to find out.

Anyway, the whole world is fascinated by it all, and probably because it’s been so long in coming.

Regardless, the whole world has been captivated by it all, perhaps because they have been waiting so long for Harry to finally find the right girl.

Harry has been in and out of newspapers over the years, and a lot of the time it was due to him having a new girlfriend by his side.

Yes! Harry has had numerous girlfriends down through the years, and if you have not kept track of them do not worry. We found somebody who kept track of every single relationship the British Prince has supposedly been in before he went off the market for good.

1: Astrid Hardbord

Way back in 2009, Harry was involved with a PR girl named Astrid Hardbord. Would you believe that the two were actually introduced to each other by none other than Kate Middleton, who is now William’s wife, The Duchess of Cambridge!

They were photographed returning to Clarence House together twice in the space of a month, once leaving an illegal rave in East London, sparking rumors that the two were dating.

The relationship finally came to an end when Harry turned his attention to his career in the military.

2: Cassie Sumner

Cassie Sumner was 21 when she started dating Harry. She informed media that they had met in a club where Harry had came on strong to her and subsequently invited her to continue partying somewhere else.

But she also said: “If I’m honest I didn’t really fancy Harry. I prefer more muscles on a man. But he came across as a lovely lad who was just enjoying a normal night out like any red-blooded single 19-year-old.”

3: Natalie Pinkham

Both Natalie and Harry had a brief fling over 10 years ago and have remained very close friends ever since. Natalie who is a Formula 1 presenter allegedly dated Harry way back in 2006.

Supposedly, Harry was infatuated with Natalie. This is a picture of them taking a taxi ride after a night out.

4: Chelsy Davy

The next relationship we move to was a very complicated one, Chelsy and Harry dated on and off for numerous years. They first met when Zimbabwe-born Chelsy attended boarding school at prestigious Stowe in England.

5: Natalie Imbruglia

The Australian born singer and former soap opera star was linked romantically to Harry in 2009 after his split with Chelsea Davy.

But was it all press speculation? Apparently. “No. I know him. But no,” said Natalie about their romance, “No. Never happened.”

6: Camilla Romestrand

Back in 2010, Harry was romantically linked with Norwegian rock star and Eddie the Gun vocalist Camilla Romestand. According to her friends, Camilla informed them she had spent the night at the palace and had been treated to break in bed by the Prince.

She claimed that Harry was a “real gentleman” and did not divulge any more secrets of their get together.

7: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is a well known celebrity throughout the world in the music industry. When it was announced she would perform at the royal wedin in 2011, rumors started to fly about that she was dating Harry.

They were spotted together at the Invictus games together 3 years later. Days later, Goulding would perform at Harry’s 30th birthday party!

Ellie has always shy’s away when questioned if she had any relations with the Prince, perhaps we will never know for certain about this pairing.

8: Molly King

Harry has also been linked to none other than The Saturdays member Mollie King. The couple reportedly dated in 2012 after bumping into eachother on a night out in London.

However, the Prince was quick to call it off when King began to discuss their romance in the press. “Yes, I have met Harry, and we did go out for a drink,” Mollie said in 2012, calling Harry “out of her league”.

I wouldn’t say so, girl!

9: Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack is a British TV host, who shot to internation fame when she began dating One Direction singer Harry Styles publicly, she was alsolinked to Prince Harry in 2009. This was when he was on a break from his relationship Chelsy Davy.

The two were introduced by a mutual friend a few years earlier… Natalie Pinkham, who Harry has also dated in the past!

10: Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Harry was linked to lingerie model Brudenell-Bruce in 2011, and although she’s clearly regal enough to hang with him, her chosen career earned Harry a hard time in the British press.

11: Lauren Pope

Harry and Lauren met in 2001 at a London nightclub. Lauren claimed that the only way the media could have known they were a couple at the time must of meant she was a victim to phone hacking by them.

Not to worry though, this relationship did not last very long.

Harry has had many other girlfriends over the years, but can you name the missing ones we have not named here today?

Pass this along and Share with your friends and family to see if they can guess the missing names from our list.



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