He needed 30 stitches in his face after this popular toy exploded! Be careful parents.

Fidget spinners are the latest trend.
A device that was intended to help autistic children turned into a global phenomenon and is now one of the most popular toys in the world!

As reported on Hefty the site claims the following

” John Harris from Flowood, Mississippi, was just as captivated by his son’s new fidget spinner as the young boy was. During playtime, they both tried to think up new ways they could use the device. On the internet, they found videos of people using compressed air to get the toy to spin faster than humanly possible.

As his son was watching John then decided to blow the fidget spinner up into the air. As it was mid-air the spinner exploded and send tiny pieces flying around the room. One of these pieces flew into the child’s face and cut him right open.

Below is a picture of the cut

He required 30 stitches to his upper lip to close the cut.

John said on Facebook that he is very lucky that it was only his lip. It could of been his eye or some other major part of his body. Please be careful with these new battery operated fidget spinners as they can cause some serious damage. SHARE this post with family and friends to make them aware!


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