He Finally Gets The Keys To Grandparents’ Store That’s Been Abandoned For 40 Years [57 photos]

Everyone loves shoes. But some people LOVE shoes. And Reddit user oktober75 was one of those people. Ever since he was a child, he always had a special affinity for the objects people wear on their feet to get around and go about their business. Men’s shoes, women’s shoes, even children’s shoes. Oktober75 could not explain his love for footwear – then he learned one interesting piece of family history.

On one family trip, he and his family went to visit the old store that had been previously owned and operated by his great grandparents. He didn’t know that his ancestors were shoe dealers! It was like he found his true calling. But when they got to the store, the entire family was in for a surprise…

The shop, which was called First Class Shoe store, had been locked up forty years ago and stuck behind a security gate – no one was allowed in or out and it was closed off from the street. When the family went inside, they couldn’t believe their eyes…

More than forty years ago, Oktober75’s great grandmother had been running the store. But then she became sick and the doors had to close. From that day on forty years ago, the First Class Shoe Store doors had remained locked.

When the family went into the old building, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Shelves upon shelves were filled with shoes boxes. They assumed that the dust covered boxes were empty and had to simply be recycled.

Curious, the Redditor and his family began pulling the ancient boxes down off the shelves. That’s when they discovered something really cool.

These boxes were not empty. They were loaded with shoes from the 1960s! Because these “retro” styles are now considered classic and fashionable by the young crowd, they still had value even though they were more than forty years old.

The young man who had loved shoes his whole life felt like God had placed a miracle in his lap. He had been given hundreds of vintage pairs, including men’s loafers, women’s high heels, and lots of other different pairs of footwear. It was a dream come true for the shoe fanatic!

Without hesitation, the family began trying on different pairs of shoes. They were shocked to find them still in good condition. No insects, moths, nor mice had gotten into the pairs and ruined their material. It was a minor miracle.

Because they had so many shoes from the 1960s and 1970s, they knew they needed to do something special with them. It was an awesome discovery that surprised them.

“I have no idea how profitable it was, perhaps that was a factor,” explains Oktober75 on Reddit. “My grandparents were known for hoarding. My guess is they went with the mentality, ‘it will be worth something one day’. That day came and went.”

“As children we didn’t pay much attention to the front of the building. We were going to visit grandma and grandpa,” he says.

The store had been operation since the 1940s and had thousands of customers over the years until it closed its doors four decades ago.

What do you make of this shocking surprise find?

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