Groom Lashes Out At Bride After Cake Mishap on Wedding Day, People Are Outraged After What They Witnessed Him Doing To Her

As they are starting to celebrate their marriage things do not go to plan when they are tasting their cake.

First the groom proceeds to get some of the cake onto his spoon and put it into his bride’s mouth.

He calmly picks up some of the cake and puts it into her mouth. She smiles and everyone seems to be really happy and she really seemed to enjoy the cake.

After he done this it was then her turn to put some cake into his mouth but it did not go as she had planned.

Her plan was to only make some light fun and laughter out of the situation but it soon turned disastrous and she immediately began to regret what she tried to do.

She put the cake onto the spoon and then proceeded to put it into his mouth. As she put it up to his mouth he tried to eat it and she pulled it away from him in a jokingly manner.

She repeated it then three to four times and the groom seemed to get very frustrated.

The groom was not impressed and what followed showed his trues emotions and what kind of man he really was.

He then lashed out and slapped her on the hand. She looked stunned and visibly hurt.

The man turned around and looked very angry!

The poor bride held her hand and looked like she was about to start crying.

Probably not the best start to a marriage and if I was in her shoes I would already be looking for the divorce papers.

Some men were divided saying that she deserved it and should not of done it to him on their wedding day.

Watch the full video below:

What do you think about this? Would you stay with him? Do you think she deserved it? I personally don’t think she did.

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