Grandma with Cancer Only Has $100 to Pay Repoed Car, But Dealership Refuses Money

When loving mom and grandma Michelle England defeated breast cancer in 2014, she was ecstatic. Sadly her joy was not long lived, as the cancer returned in 2017.

Once again she would have to undergo the gruelling chemotherapy treatments. While attending these treatments, England was unable to to attend work, and started to struggle with the payment of her bills.

As the months passed by, it became increasingly difficult for her to meet the payments on her car, house and energy bill with the money she was receiving.

Eventually her car was repossessed. Leaving her with no other option but to take the bus to attend her chemotherapy, the nearest bus stop being almost 20 minutes from her house.

In a last ditch effort to prevent her car from being sold, England scraped together $100 two weeks after the car had been taken.

With the hope of being able to put the money towards her payment, she made her way down to Tri-State Auto sales with the cash.

England was well known to the employees at the dealership, no matter how hard it was for her to make the payments she would always have a smile on her face, they said.

Upon presenting them with the $100 she had struggled to gather, the dealership bluntly refused the offer. Alternatively the dealership had a surprise that would bring her to tears.

Knowing her circumstances and how hard she had worked to gather the $100, the owner of the dealership decided to pay of the outstanding money owed on England’s car in full.

The car also received a full service, new tires, brakes and fluids and a full tank of gas.

“When you go through breast cancer and you get somebody special in your life…they were just angels for me,” England said. “People might feel like nobody’s there for you, but, ya’ll, this is a prime example.”

England who is now in remission and recovering after a very difficult past few months. She is blown away by the generosity of Tri-State Auto’s and very thankful for their kindness during a very dark period of her life.

“Look what God did for me,” she said in a Facebook post after her car was returned to her. “Can’t do nothing but praise him more.”

“This is such a blessing,” England said as the dealership staff handed her the keys and the title to her car.

Times have been very tough for Michelle England these past few years, but it is heartwarming to see how others can get together and help her in a time of need.

Thanks to the generosity of Tri-State Auto’s, England can keep up her beloved tradition this Christmas driving her grandchildren around to see all the sparkly Christmas lights and decorations.

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