A 14-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Electrocuted By iPhone Cable In Sleep Because Of This Mistake

A teen has been killed after she was electrocuted to death in her sleep by her iPhone cable charger.

Le Thi Xoan was found in bed by her parents non responsive. She was then taken to hospital and later pronounced dead.

The police had found a burnt cable beside her bed and also saw that a part of the rubber had been torn.

Investigators same to the conclusion that she had left her phone plugged in and had it resting on the bed.

It’s still not known if the cable was an official charger or just a copy purchased in a shop.

The images of the cable shows a smaller looking charger which would not be what Apple sell.

You can also see small tears in the white part of the charger. This is where the live wires were exposed and probably hit the woman in her sleep.

This is not the first time someone has been electrocuted by a phone charger.

In April a man was seriously lucky to be alive after being almost fatally electrocuted while charging his iPhone.

” The 32-year-old’s iPhone was plugged into an extension cord by his bed, when he fell asleep wearing his chain which horrifyingly slipped between the metal prongs of the charger.”

This was a freak accident and if he had not worn his chain around his neck it may not have been so bad.

He received serious burn marks on his neck and he told WAAY-TV: “My necklace became a conductor. It was the worst alarm clock you could ever have in life.

When he woke he managed to get the necklace off his head and said that he could see smoke rising from his bed sheets.

He was also burned very bad on the front of his neck and told reporters ” It was one of the most painful experiences of my life ” and also said “I could taste burnt wire in my mouth. My hand still has the chain print on it.”

This is a picture of the top he was wearing on the night.

Please be very careful when charging your phone at night time. Try do it in a safe place and put the phone on top of a desk. Also make sure you have smoke alarms in your house as you never know what can happen.

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