Dying woman has one last wish. Then carer takes something out of his pocket that shocks everyone

The reality of life is we are all just passing through, we all will one day grow old and die.

Death is a part of living, something we will all have to face at some point of our lives. As a youth you do not think about death, you are fearless and carefree. But as the years pass by and you become old, the stark reality of death and old age slowly creeps up on you. As you age you start to develop a fear of aging and not being able to look after yourself.

Many older people become solely dependent on the care of others, not being able to go to the toilet themselves and even remembering their families names is a daily trial. Most of us do not want to spend our final years like this.

Living out her final days in an old age care facility, Maria knew her time on this earth was nearing an end.

Having been a teacher all her life she taught students how to sing and play the piano and other instruments. All her life she had been surrounded by the beautiful sound of music and she deeply missed it.

As luck would have it, one of her former students was an employee at her care home in Austinberg, Texas.

Joshua had been a student at the school where Maria taught and was a student of hers since he was 9 years old, so the pair were well acquainted with each other.

Maria’s biggest wish was to hear a song she loved so much “How Great Thou Art” before she passed away.

She did not have to ask twice, her student of old was more than willing to fulfill Maria’s last request.

As he sings the song reading the lyrics off his phone it is clear that Maria taught him well. His heartfelt rendition of Maria’s favorite song will melt your heart and bring a tear to your eye. I am sure Maria was smiling inside hearing this beautiful rendition especially for her.

Maria’s sister-in-law managed to capture the emotional moment on film.

Sadly Maria has passed on and is no longer with us, making this clip even more touching.

Please SHARE this very touching clip with your friends on Facebook and pay tribute to the hard working staff in elderly care facilities the world wide. Young Joshua we salute you and may Maria rest in peace.

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