Deaf Baby Girl Hears Mommy Say “I Love You” For 1st Time. Next Moment Is Putting Internet In Tears

Charly’s parents discovered that their wonderful little baby girl was not reacting to any sounds. It was at this point at which they decided Charly needed to see a doctor immediately to have her hearing tested.
The prognosis confirmed their worst fears… Charly was born with a hearing impairment and would require a hearing aid straight away.

Steps were taken to have Carly fitted with a hearing aid, when the device was moulded to her ear they turned it on. The reaction of baby Carly had them all shocked, especially with her adorable facial expressions.
Children with a hearing aid will pick up a language that is regularly spoken around them. The more adults converse around them the more meanings and pronunciations the child will begin to decipher.

Children that are born with hearing loss can be hindered greatly in developing language skills if the problem is not recognized early. For this very reason it is critical for a parent or doctor to recognize the signs and have the child fitted with a hearing aid as early in life as possible.
The sooner they are fitted with the hearing device, the sooner they can develop skills of communication and pronunciation. Charly’s parents discovered the problem at the critical stage in her life and sought out the correct treatment to help their daughter.

If they had waited and not resolved the problem, they would have drastically hindered her development. Being so young, Charly’s parents were unsure at first if the hearing aid would have any benefits for their daughter.
The very second the device was turned on they knew they had made the right decision. Immediately Carly’s little face lit up. It must of been so wonderful for Carly to finally hear her mother’s voice for the first time. Carly’s mother cannot contain her emotion as she starts to cry seeing the emotions on her beautiful daughters face. The expressions Carly makes are sure to pull any mothers heart strings.

Not being old enough to communicate back, anyone who watches the video below can tell she was crying because she could hear her mother’s voice. Although it will take her time to develop her speech and tune her listening skills, Carly is now on the right track.
Carly has a whole new world open to her now after finally connecting with her mom. The tears in her eyes are tears of joy, she can finally hear her mom and dad!

Watch this emotional moment for yourself in the video below. Be sure to have a pack of tissues handy as you just may cry yourself! What a miracle modern technology is today.

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