Daughter discretely films dementia-struck mom’s nurse – camera then records the unthinkable

Being a carer can sometimes take its toll.

When taking care of a dementia patient, the job can be tough and demanding.

Similar to other industries, some people unfortunately just aren’t cut out for the job, it’s unacceptable when carer neglects their duties – especially when they are being trusted with another person’s life.

Everything changed for the Marsden family when they suspected that their mom’s carer wasn’t so trustworthy. Amongst other things, the carer was lazy and wasn’t doing enough, reports Yahoo News.

The situation wasn’t revealed until a hidden camera confirmed what had been suspected.

Once she saw the content of the live video was sent to her daughter’s phone she immediately rushed home to intervene.

Shockingly the carer Stacey George 46, was filmed hitting elderly and feeble Sabina Marsden, 78.

Sabina was left sobbing and half-naked as the carer snatched the blanket from her knees and hissed “God you stink,”

Mutters of  “Mamma Mia” from the widowed Italian-born grandmother can be heard the carer hits her at least 5 times.

After setting up the camera Gina Owen viewed the real-time shocking attack live video on her phone.

Daughter Gina, 46, rushed home from work to intervene as she works close by. She can be seen on camera storming into the room to comfort her sobbing mother.

Once she confronts the carer and tells her to get out of the house, the carer casually finishes her snack before she picks up her handbag and finally leaves the room.

The tape was brought to the police by the family for evidence, however, after admitting to the assault on Mrs. Marsden on 13th June last year, the carer was let off with a warning.

The Marsden family chose to release the video to the public to prevent this from happening to other families as Stacey George is still working as a carer in Britain or elsewhere in Europe.

A person like this has absolutely no business working in the care industry! “I’m delighted they’re speaking out”

There are many people working tirelessly in the care industry who rarely get the recognition they deserve for the care they so effortlessly give to our vulnerable family members, where would we be without them?

Unfortunately, there are those who should NEVER be allowed to work in a care home, we would all hope disgusting woman behind attacks like this ends up behind bars for a long time. Sometimes a warning just isn’t enough for a person who behaves this way – share if you agree!

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