Bride Takes This Solo Photo On Wedding Day After Groom Was Killed Right Before Wedding

Nikki Salgot was delighted with her boyfriend Colin Rose after he proposed to her. They had planned to get married on the 14th of October 2017.

Just a short time later Collin was shot in the line of duty. He later passed away in hospital aged only 29.

Nicky could not comprehend what had happened and suffered from this unimaginable loss.

Almost a year after his death she decided to do something that would be very difficult.

After she took these photos and posted them on social media,they went viral.

People around the world are thanking her for posting them and telling her what a strong person she is.

Nikki was madly in love with her boyfriend Collin

He was a veteran with the Wayne State University PD

When he proposed to her she could not believe it.

After setting the date for their wedding tragedy struck and she could no believe it.

He was shot while on duty while trying to catch thieves that had stolen a car.

He later passed away in hospital while she was at his bedside.

Nikki could not comprehend what had happened and really struggled over the next year.

She insisted that she was going to have her wedding shoot. The only thing was that she was going to be posing by herself.

” What could have been ” is what she said.

Her best friend took the photos of her in a secluded woodland area.

Her friend Rachel said: “She was the picture of grief and resilience and strength and vulnerability and authenticity, all at once,”

She wanted to hold his cap in one of the photos.

But she also had some light heart moments to take the sadness away from the day.

She then posted this incredible post on Facebook to thank her friend.

Rachael said about this image: This is not a broken woman. This is a woman that had strength.

The final photo

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