Boy’s brain X-ray shocks doctors across the world: Now parents want to warn others

When you become a parent for the first time you will realize how many dangers are lying around your house.

Suddenly everything becomes a danger and a hazard. The best thing to do is try to make your house as child proof as possible but it’s always hard to make sure you cover everything.

This is exactly what happened to these parents. Their story is making headlines around the world. Just look at what happened to this poor child.

When a two year old named Chen Chen was jumping on his bed he fell onto the floor.

The accident was a lot worse than they thought and he had more than just a bump on his head.

After he fell on the floor he hit his head on a power socket. His head was pierced by the socket pins and it was not looking good.

When his parents heard his screams and cries they came straight up to his room. It was apparent that he needed to be brought to hospital immediately.

After they received an x-ray it showed that the pins had pierced the boys brain and he was in grave danger.

The X-Ray images have shocked people around the world.

They operated on him as soon as they could and they tried to remove the socket as carefully as they could without causing more damage to the boys brain.

After operating for over 3 hours the doctors finally managed to remove the socket and stitch his skull back in place.

Doctors are still not sure if the poor boy will have any long term damage but they are trying to be positive and hope he will recover fully.

Even though you might think you have every hazard covered in your home it is always important to make sure that you double check your house for anymore dangerous hazards before allowing your child to play alone.

It better to be safe than sorry.

Spread this message with family and friends and you might help save a life in the future.

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