Baby Who Was Born The Size Of ‘Mouse’ Defies Odds And Stands 33 Inches Tall At 18

An Indian girl who was born the size of a mouse has defied the odds to survive, turn 18 and also stand just 33 inches tall.

Mandeep Batwal is a famous name in her village in Punjab, Northern India, where people either adore her or see her as a curse because of her strange features and tiny frame.

Mandeep is the shortest person the villagers have ever seen.

She is only an inch taller than a cricket bat and her palm and feet measure 2.5 cm and 4 cm respectively- the size of a two year old.

Because of her tiny body and weak organs, walking and playing is a task for the teenager. She has to be carried on shoulders like a toddler.

While her younger siblings are growing up as normal kids, her parents -Rani and Desh Raj say she behaves like a four year old child.

Mandeep was a premature baby. She was born in 28 weeks naturally at home. She was like a mouse. Her face had not fully formed and she was extremely tiny and weak.

The whole village had gathered when the news spread because no one had seen a baby like her before.

Mandeep is now 18yrs old and is a happy teen but her bizarre features have earned her the name of the ‘Mouse Girl’ in the village.

The desperate parents are now looking for a miracle that would treat their first child’s condition and prolong her life.

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