Baby born dead at 5 months, 8 minutes later doctors are shocked by a miracle

One of the most special moments in life is when a couple bring a child into this world. Bex and her husband Martin were ecstatic with the birth of their daughter. Throughout the pregnancy, everything had gone smoothly with every check-up getting the all clear.
Like all couples who are expecting a new born, they too had the room decorated and every other fine detail in their house ready for the arrival of their baby.
But unexpectedly, everything would take a turn for the worse in an incident that would leave thousands shocked.
One day, during a visit to the doctor for a regular checkup, they received the dreadful news that their baby had heart problems.
Bex was who was then five months pregnant, was forced to have an emergency cesarean. Shortly after doctor’s removed the baby from her belly, her heart stopped beating.
Their baby was born lifeless.

With no cries or movement from her child, Bex knew something was seriously wrong
Like any mother would, she started to scream and cry as reality hit her that her child was in fact dead.


As Bex cried her heart out inconsolably, a real miracle was about to occur minutes later.
As doctors fought to save her baby’s life, all hope was fading away.
After 8 minutes had past, suddenly with the help of electro-shock treatment, they revived little Willow. She was rushed to intensive care where doctor’s would perform and operation like something from a sci-fi movie.
The procedure they performed was called ‘brain hypothermia’ or simply put ‘cooling therapy’. Placing the tiny girl in an incubator, they then lowere her body temperature to 91.4 °F. The reasoning behind this procedure was to make sure she did not suffer any brain damage after the minutes she spent with no oxygen.
Willow remained in intensive care for four long days. Her loveing parents could only watch through the glass as their new baby fought to survive, not even able to touch her tiny hands.

Bex and Martin spent every minute of the four days by their little angels side.
“She didn’t cry for four weeks. Because she had so many tubes and they hurt her throat, she didn’t know how to cry,” Bex told The Mirror. “It’s strange, but all we wanted was to hear our baby cry.”
The four days Willow had spent in the incubator saved her life and luckily she had no brain damage. This will allow her to lead a perfectly normal life.


It’s been almost a year and a half since Willow was born and she seems to be fine.
“She has just been amazing in her recovery. We have been told there is still a risk that she could suffer developmental issues, but so far she is perfectly fine,” dad Martin told The Mirror. “Now she’s just a perfectly healthy baby.”

Today’s medical advancements are absolutely astounding. Willow can now life a long and prosperous life thanks to the life saving work of the doctor’s.
We wish her all the luck in the world and hope she has a very happy and long life!

Do you think the work done by the medical staff is truly heroic? What would we do without them?
A big thank you to them they really are life’s true heroes on a daily basis.
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