Audience calls him fat – but now watch when he starts dancing

It’s often said that you should not judge people on their appearance.

But often people cannot help to do so.

John Lindo is one of those people who is constantly judged on his appearance even thought nobody has ever really talked to him.

He does not look like a dancer. He’s a tall well built man.

When he stepped onto the dance floor however you would be very surprised at how he can move his body.

When you think of a dancer you often think of a slim well trained professional person who can move their body very well. Most dancers always look in tremendous condition and have a very thin shape.

John Lindo however is not your ordinary dancer. He’s a tall man who carries some extra weight on his stomach. You would not believe this man was a very good dancer until you watch the below video.

Jon has even won competitions in dancing.

He has been dancing since 1992 when is competed at professional level and even won the US Open.

After John and his partner walked onto the dance floor in a Swing contest in 2008 a lot of the audience could be heard Mum learnt the word “fat” under their breath.

Immediately when John and his partner begin their routine everybody goes silent. They make their competitors look like amateurs. You can see that he really enjoys dancing and the look in his eyes says it all.

As the saying goes you should never judge a book by its cover and this is the exact reason why.

They won the competition and ended up getting a standing ovation by the audience.

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