As Soon As We Saw His Car We Knew Exactly The Embarrassing Mistake He Had Made [video]

If you know someone who is a mechanic, you probably turn to them for all your car questions and needs. And why wouldn’t you? They do get paid to fix cars for a living. And they have probably seen almost everything under the sun. But just because someone claims that they know what they’re doing doesn’t mean they actually do. It’s hard for people to discern when someone is just telling you a fib to get your business – like Jiffy Lube has for years (video). In the fail compilation included below, you’ll see recent mechanical fixes that are absolutely ridiculous. One guy replaced headlights with flashlights. Another used cardboard to fix the body of the car. Another tried to replace the driver’s seat with a kitchen chair. And we’re just getting started. Check out the video below for a hearty laugh and to see how “creative” people fix their cars… Right from the outset of the video, you’re in for a treat. See how someone decided to install a doggie platform on top of the car. This is not funny because that dog is expected to stay on there while the car is in motion. One guy got in trouble for doing this in Florida… The next image shows a man in camo pants painting his expensive BWM with a soft-purple – using none other than a paint roller. You’ll love the car fix at the 22-second mark. Some guy decided to weather-proof his car by caulking the cracks in the doors and windows. Oh wait. Those cracks are supposed to be there. A California Honda owner duct taped cardboard boxes onto the hood of his car so the engine wouldn’t be exposed while speeding along the highway. But what if a cardboard box gets blown off and blocks his vision? That was not thinking ahead. Next is a great idea when you parking brake has broken. Attach an industrial strap to your trunk and loop it around a telephone pole. Not only will the tow trucks be unable to remove your car, it won’t go rolling away. Afraid someone will want to steal your junk car? Lock it up with a chain as you see at the 1-minute mark. No one is taking that from your yard… Need a makeshift car jack? Try an old computer monitor from the 1990s and early 2000s. It will never be worth anything and lifts it about 18-inches off the ground. Yes, a straw does do the job as you can see at the 2-minute mark. Although this video came out last week, more than 220,000 people have already watched it. Dozens have left comments including: “My parking brake broke. 0:35 and 1:55 gave me ideas. Not good ideas but ideas,” Tom O wrote. Jago Fubar shared, “me being a retired mechanic, i have seen many things over a 40 year period and yes you will have to admit some do really think outside the box for a fast fix.” What did you think about this funny compilation? Please SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS in the comments below now!


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