8 Weird Things I Never Thought I Would Do As Parent

After becoming a father to my own little daughter I never imagined the love and joy I would feel. On top of that I never imagined all the weird things I would end up doing and not feel totally grossed out about. While sitting at home last night on the couch watching her play I thought about all the things that I do for her and then it crossed my mind ” I am doing things that I would never have imagined I would do “. To get to the point I wanted to make a list detailing all the ” Weird things I do that I never thought I would do ”

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1 – When she drops her pacifier out in public and I have nothing to clean it with I usually wipe it off my top and then stick it in my mouth to make sure its extra clean just for her! Does anybody else do this or is it just me?

2 – She wants to watch something on my phone. I put on a cartoon and then I ask her ” Can Daddy watch with you? “. She says yes! The only thing is I end up watching her watch the cartoon and not actually watching the cartoon myself. That’s where my joy is.

3 – We all sit down for dinner! Of course I always finish my dinner first and I am still hungry! Then as she finishes her dinner I have absolutely no problem eating her leftovers! I mean she could have bite marks left on her sausage and I will have no problem eating it! If this was anyone else or even my partners food I would not eat it!

4 – If I see a snot hanging from her nose I have no problem picking it off with my own hand! Ask me if I would do this 2 years ago and there was no way in hell I would say yes!

5 – Changing her diaper! When I use to watch people change their children in front of me I nearly vomited. Now when I have to change my own daughters diaper it does not even bother me. Now sometimes if its really bad then it might be a bit of trouble but other than that, it’s not much work!

6 – When I wake up to have my breakfast in the morning I always like to have a cup of tea. She always walks up to me and asks me ” Tea Daddy “. She takes her first sip and then she walks away with the cup. If anyone else took my tea like that there would be holy war. But because its my child, I have no problem with it.

7 – I love my sleep but when I wake up in the middle of the night to hear her coughing or crying I have to run into her bedroom and check on her. It does not matter if its 2am or 8am. If I even hear the slightest sound and I think something is wrong I have to get up and go check on her! Compare this to years ago when an earthquake didn’t wake me. Yes there was literally at 4.2 magnitude earthquake and I did not make up.

8 – I get bossed around. If she wants a bottled I run and get it. If she is hungry I run to the kitchen to prepare. If she wants to get up on my back and play horse with me, I am down on my knees. I never thought I would be bossed around by a little creature!

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