7 Cases of Plastic Surgery Gone Terribly Wrong

Women seeking perfection is a huge thing in this day and age. Cosmetic surgery is one of those things that can help a woman achieve her desired look and the only thing you need to do it is money.

But these operations can come with a very huge risk and sometimes ending up having more complications and pain than one would have ever imagined.

Especially when you are not getting the operation done by a qualified surgeon.

Here is a list of 7 people who got cosmetic surgery done and it turned out for the worst.

1 . Renee Talley

In 2012, Renee decided to fulfill her dream of having a bigger backside. The dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

The silicone implants had become toxic and started attaching to her organs.Ignoring doctor’s orders, she had these removed and went through another implant surgery. The result left her with botched implants which can now rotate 180 degrees.

2. Cement Face : Rajee Natinesingh

Rajee was so keen on getting a look for less, she received multiple injection treatments from a backstreet surgeon.It cost her $3000 and she thought it was a steal.

She had face, breast,hip and butt injections, but it wasn’t the normal surgeon concoction. He injected a substance known as Fix-A-Flat and cement into her body leaving her with a huge disfigurement.

She now gets monthly softening injections and laser surgery to help correct the mistakes caused by the backstreet surgeon.

3 – Vishal Thakkar

After going through a divorce in 2006, Vishal decided to treat himself to a nose job. However he never expected the pain he was going to be suffering from getting it done.

Surgery after surgery led Thakkar deeper into a rabbit hole of severe complications.

In 2011, he went in to treat several infections he had in his nose and woke up in shock. After another 22 surgeries, he has no nose and is breathing through a straw.

4. Katie Everswick

After becoming a new mom and not having the confidence she once had before, Katie decided to get a ” Mommy Makeover” tummy tuck and breast lift.

The incisions started to open and left a massive hole in her skin.

Surgeon’s had to re-stitch her from hip to hip and under each breast.

Unfortunately, her flatter tummy also came with a permanent scar and infertility.

5. Mimi Valdez

After losing 130lbs, Valdez wanted to complete her transformation by having her excess skin removed,but had very little money to do so. In order to afford the costs of plastic surgery she and her niece went to a clinic in Tijuana. After the bandages were removed, they were horrified to see skin hanging out of the incisions.

Later that day both of them were nearly dead. Both women survived but are now permanently disfigured.

6. Hang Mioku

After surgeons refused to carry out any further cosmetic operations to 48 year old Mioku, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She satisfied her addiction by injecting cooking oil into her own face. The after-effects became an Intervention of sorts and she sought to help of Surgeons.

They removed 260g of foreign substance from her face and neck.

7. Apryl Brown

When she was younger, Brown was always stressed about having a ” Flat Butt. ” When a client came across her salon chair and mentioned she would perform silicone injections for her, Brown jumped at the chance.

The self-administered injections led to a severe staph infection circulating her limbs.

After 27 surgeries to save her life, Brown lost her hands, feet and flesh around her buttocks.

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