4 Young Girls Form A Line. When They Turn Around, Keep Close Watch On Their Feet

Dancing is a skill that most people tend to have, but when it comes to Traditional Irish Dancing not many people have this talent. These young ladies however have an abundance of talent and want to show the rest of the world just how good they are with this complicated routine.
With the music pumping and camera recording, they line up behind each other. Then out of nowhere, they’re prancing all over the floor in a way that would make the makers of River Dance proud!

The exact history of Irish Dancing is somewhat unclear, with it being credited to the Celts who arrived in Ireland almost 2000 years ago. In the 16th century it took its true form as Traditional Irish Dancing, a letter written to Queen Elizabeth 1 in 1569 described Irish dancers as; “They are very beautiful, magnificently dressed and first class dancers,”. Dancing became an integral part of Irish society with groups travelling the country performing on stages, table tops and even on the clay floors in houses. They brought joy, cheer and festivity to towns and villages they performed in.
Today Irish dancing has become an art form and a way to honor ones culture, it takes enormous amounts of practice,skill,balance and determination to become a professional Irish dancer. And these young ladies are a perfect example of true Irish dancing at its best.

As the music continues to play the girls show their moves off as they twirl, kick, step and jump around the dance floor. The routine they are performing takes countless hours of practice, this is their time to shine and show the hard work and dedication they have put in to be this good.
And while watching their video below you will realize why their video has gained over 1 million views since it was posted online. People around the world are enthralled by the beauty and skill of their exceptional Irish dancing.

Their dresses are beautifully designed with traditional Celtic artwork. And on their feet they wear Ghillies to flaunt their mesmerizing footwork.
The choreography involved in their routine is executed perfectly even when they partner up with each other. The music is sure to have you kicking your feet around as if you were the one dancing.

Watch these 4 magical young ladies as they move like fairies dancing in the moonlight. It’s plain to see that these young ladies have a big future ahead of them. Perhaps we may even see a new River Dance in the years to come with talented ladies like them around.

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