3 Year Old Toddler Freezes To Death After Being Left Outside His House

This three year old boy froze to death after he was left on the porch by his mother who was inside asleep after a heavy session of drugs.

Landyn Melton was a young boy who was left outside his house in California. According to the newspapers he had even lift smudge marks on the Windows as he had desperately tried to gain access back into his home.

His mum and her boyfriend Jamie were reportedly asleep inside after taking crystal meth. In the hours leading up to his death she told newspapers that she was smoking the drug had her son froze to death.

The child was left unattended in the room and he is thought to have fell outside the house through his window.

She accepted a charge of involuntary manslaughter this Monday as a plea deal, before trial was meant to start.

She got a suspended sentence of 19 to 32 months, as well as that she also got three years of supervised probation this is according to local newspapers.

Corrin neighbours had found his body outside on the front porch of his house on March 15th. He had somehow left his bedroom and was locked outside his home.

The autopsy showed he had blood on his face but there were no clear signs of trauma.

The judge said before sentencing:

She was supposed to be supervising this child – he had just turned three, he was outside.

By her own admission, she was sleeping harder than normal.

She didn’t hear him — didn’t hear him leave the room, didn’t hear him leave the house, didn’t hear him banging on the door – she was asleep while he was freezing to death.

Users on Facebook were not too happy with the woman with some women saying the comments below:

“So sad that others don’t have the privileged to have carried a baby in their womb, while others just have taken it for granted..”

Another man named John commented and said:

“This girl is no better or worse than those who leave their kids in a car during the summer to cook. I can’t willingly call her evil. Stupid, yes..very much so. Malicious? No. Some people make very costly very stupid mistakes. She’s one of them.”

Twitter user Dave posted:

Was this a poor tragedy or should this woman take the full blame?

What do you think of this woman? Should she ever be allowed to parent a child again?

Let us know in the comment section


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