21 Times Children Cut Their Own Hair And Regretted It Immediately. #8 Had Me In Tears

When a child gets a hold of a scissors or razor then things can go downhill very quickly. Below we have gathered 21 of the worst pictures of children after they decided to cut their own hair. Lets just say they were not too happy afterwards.

1 – A nice little step!

2 – At least he still looks happy!

3 – Looks like she was caught in the act.

4 – He is clearly upset with himself!

5 – Goldilocks no more!

6 – Ed SHEERING ( His hair! )

7 – She decided to record the video.

8 – Innocent until proven guilty.

9 – This actually suits her….not 🙂

10 – Ah the good old razor method! Lucky she still has eyebrows.

11 – She is freaking out!

12 – Inverted mo-hawk.

13 – Great structure to this one. I can see where he was going with it.

14 – A very clean shave down the middle. It can nearly be fixed.

15 – She is really after chopping that up.

16 – Clearly delighted with the cut.

17 – So was her sister!

18 – This is my ” I know I messed up ” face.

19 – You want some too?

20 – ” I really don’t know what happened mum.. “

21 – He even took a selfie of himself.

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