19 Photos That Will Make You Say “Wow, That’s Smart

Every now and then someone comes up with a very smart idea, but its not often they go ahead and actually put it to good use.

Well the folks we know actually do something when they think of a very clever idea. Below we have created a list of 19 photos that will really make you says wow!

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1 You know which piece you are getting by the color! Corner,edge or center!

2 – Frost on the bar rail will keep your drink nice and cold.

3 – This device shows you exactly how much storage you have left on it.

4 A parent and child swing so you can sit together.

5 An adult table, a kid’s table, and a high chair all in one.

6 Stickers that will tell you how ripe the avocado is.

7 A hot sauce bottle that lets you choose how spicy you want your sauce.

8 This indicator will tell you how much is left to pour while your pouring.

9 A rack for the clothes you want and don’t want.

10 No more awkward gap in the door while you are trying to go to the toilet in peace.

11 This elevator will let you know when its raining outside.

12 Buttons you can press with your feet when your hands are full. Also handy if you are a germaphobe.

13 Press the elevator button 20 meters away so its open when you get there! ( If you see it that is )

14 These baskets will let shopping assistants know if you need help or not.

15 Signs that will help keep you awake when falling asleep on long journeys.

16 This will tell you the last time you took your pill!

17 Something to keep you occupied while you are at the dentist! Wheres Wally!

18 You can shoot soap at other cars in this car wash while you wait.

19 The perfect checkout line for any parent with children!

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