Siblings Recreate Most Embarrassing Childhood Photos Ever, #9 Really Freaked Me Out

We all have those embarrassing photos from our childhood. Pictures that you show your boyfriend or girlfriend as they visit your house and ask to see old photos of you.

But every now and then people decide to create an updated version of that photo and sometimes they turn out a little weird and creepy.

Well we have created a list of 19 photos that were created from childhood memories and some of them are going to make you cry laughing. If you like the list we made then please feel free to tag and share with your friends and family.

1 – Dabbing was around in the 80’s aswell.

2 – Only a little different bar the missing tooth!

3 – Do you even lift bro?

4 – Dad got shorter and children got taller.

5 – He still looks as disgusted as he did back then!

6 – The weather never seems to improve!

7 – Muddy hell!

8 – If you haven’t grown up by age 50 then you probably don’t have to.

9 – This is a little uncomfortable for me.

10 -Little too big for the bath now boys!

11 – No his teeth didn’t get smaller, his head just got bigger.

12 – Not quite like the childhood pictures guys but good effort.

13 – 100% bar the facial and leg hair.

14 – The guy in the middle still looks as worn out as he did as a child.

15 – This one just creeps me out.

16 – What are they trying to be?

17 – A better version of the bath picture!

18 – He is just a little heavier now!

19 – They turned out to be fine young men!


If you enjoyed this list then please share with your family and friends!

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