15 Terrible Women Who Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Sometimes it’s a good idea to stop and take notice of people around you. You might then realize that you are not the only one having a bad day ( Especially if you are wearing an outfit that is not flattering you in anyway )

The following examples are of women who are having a very bad day. Not in the way you might think.

Just have a look at the images below and you will understand what we mean. Enjoy.

1- Never wear skin colored leggings. Its never going to go well…

2 – Always remember to take off the security tags if you take something from a shop! Not accusing her however..

3 – Never mind a security tag! What about a tag from the court office..

4 – Smoking really is an addiction. How can it be this bad?

5 – Did we not tell you before? Skin colored leggings are a very bad idea!

6 – It also applies to darker colors. People will just think you are really tanned!

7 – Always bend over in the mirror to make sure they do not look like this!

8 – A little bit too tight!

9 – It’s always bad when people can read your underwear like a book after looking through your leggings.

10 – We just cannot emphasize enough about skin colored leggings! Are people just looking for attention?

11 – Always wear the right size leggings aswell!

12 – Well at least she has a good figure!

13 – Hello Kitty how are you today?

14 – Skin color…Skin color…Skin color!

15 – And we will finish it with these lovely man leggings!

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