14 Times People Accidentally Typed The Wrong Thing Into Google And Were Not Disappointed. #7 Is Hilarious

Sometimes you end up making a typo and Google asks ” Did You Mean ” this text. Well in most cases you just click ” Yes ” but in some other funnier instances you end up looking at what exactly came up. Here are some of the funniest mistakes typed into Google that did not disappoint the person who was searching. If you enjoy the list then please feel free to SHARE with your friends and tag them in the section below.


1 – It’s a tarp instead of ” It’s a Trap”

2 – Viking cats instead of “Viking cast”

3 – Mangaroo instead of Kangaroo

4 – War pug instead of “War Pig”

5 – Dog bread instead of “Dog Breed”

6 – Ryan goosling instead of “Ryan Gosling”

7 – Christ Prat instead of “Chris Prat”

8 – Vladimir Poutine? Putin you mean!

9 – Telsa cat instead of Telsa Car!

10 – Bearded Dragon Car instead of Bearded Dragon Care!

11 – Tom Tanks instead of Tom Hanks

12 – Cats GOT instead of Cast GOT

13 – Pets have lunch instead of Lets have lunch!

14 – Battle Slippers instead of Ballet Slippers!

Have you ever searched anything funny like this? Let us know in the comment section below and SHARE this list with your friends!


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