14 Things All Moms Need To Know. You Won’t Be Able To Live Without Number 5

We often have advice for other parents after figuring something out from a new experience. The best way to help other parents is to let them know exactly what is working and has worked for you. Here is a list of 15 different tweets that moms put up on Twitter that will help you with your children!

1 – It’s basically lemonade with alcohol.

2 – I think everyone of us have been there.

3 – A letter from the tooth fairy.

4 – How sneaky is this?

5 – Only works if your kids are old enough to read!

6 – Every kid will love dinosaur bones!

7 – Who can run and get me the tv remote the quickest?

8 – The same theory as above!

9 – I know this too well!

10 – Every kid knows that jingle!

11 – Or you can go completely the opposite!

12 – This one is the best!

13 – Expectations are everything!

14 – Try this! It actually works.


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