13 Problems People Who Don’t Wear Glasses Will Never Understand. #5 Is My Worst Enemy

For anyone that wears glasses you will surely have experienced one of these comments at some point of your life. If you have not then you obviously don’t leave your house. Either that or you are living on another planet!

1- It’s very hard to lie on your side and also wear your glasses.

2- You won’t be able to see clearly in the rain never mind in general.

3- Watching movies in 3D. Good idea if you are able to wear 2 pairs of glasses at once

4- People will always ask to try on your glasses. It’s like me asking to try on your shoes…. Come on..

5- Once then put them on then they say ” Wow I can’t see anything you must be blind “

6- Drinking a coffee in winter means I might suffer from temporary blindness

7- Getting your hair stuck in the hinge of the glasses!

8- Always forgetting where you left your glasses

9- Then struggling to find them because you are blind!

10- Swimming and running with glasses

11- The thought of someone being able to see everything perfect without glasses is mind-blowing.

12- People holding up their fingers asking ” How many fingers am I holding up ” when you take your glasses off.

13- Your eyes are so pretty without glasses! ” Hey my eyes are pretty all the time dummy!!”


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