13 Events That Happened On Friday The 13th, #11 Is You’re Worst Nightmare…

1:Rap Legend Tupac Shakur Is Killed

On Friday, Sept. 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting. After 21 years, authorities still don’t know who murdered the rap legend. Shakur’s death shocked the hip-hop industry, and artists like Kendrick Lamar still pay homage to the star. Of course, it’s not likely the shooter intended to kill Shakur on the spookiest day of the year, but it’s widely acknowledged as one of the worst things to happen on Friday the 13th.

2: Plane carrying Uruguayan rugby team crashes.

On Friday 13 October 1972 a plane carrying Uruguayan rugby team Montevideo Old Christians crashed on its way from Montevideo to Santiago, Chile. When rescuers finally found the 14 survivors two months later, it emerged that they had survived by eating human flesh from some of 31 crew and passengers who perished in the crash. In 1992, the story was filmed as Alive, starring Ethan Hawke.

3: The Iron Lady was born.

It was on Friday, October 13 in 1925 that Lincolnshire couple Alfred and Beatrice Roberts had their second child, Margaret Roberts. Better known as Margaret Thatcher.
4: A Luxury Cruise Liner Sinks.

Your chances of dying on a cruise ship are extremely low, and modern cruise ships almost never sink. The Costa Concordia tragedy was a heartbreaking rarity. On Jan. 13, 2012, the Italian ship hit a rock and capsized, killing 32 people. The ship’s captain was charged with causing the wreck and abandoning passengers, and was sentenced to 16 years in jail.

5: Black Friday Fires.

Only the subsequent Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983 and theBlack Saturday bushfires in 2009 have resulted in more deaths. In terms of the total area burnt, the Black Friday fires are the second largest, burning 2 million hectares, with the Black Thursday fires of 1851 having burnt an estimated 5 million hectares.

6: Buckingham Palace bombed.

Despite this, the targeting of Buckingham Palace resulted in only partial success: physical damage was limited and there were no mass casualties. The Palace was first hit on 8 September 1940 when a 50kg delayed-action high explosive bomb landed harmlessly in the grounds.

7: The U.S. Stock Market Crashes.

Exactly 17 years after both of those tragic plane crashes, the U.S. stock market hit an unexpected slump. The date was Oct. 13, 1989, and both the S&P 500 and Dow Jones dropped dramatically in value. It’s referred to as a mini-crash, and This was an anomaly, though: Friday the 13th is actually historically a good day for stock trading.

8: The rape and murder of Kitty Genovese.

On March 13, 1964, 28-year-old Kitty Genovese was raped and stabbed to death by Queens native Winston Moseley outside her apartment building in Kew Gardens, Queens, a murder that would become one of the most infamous in American history. The murder gained widespread attention after the New York Times published an article saying that there were 37 witnesses who did not come to her aid, defining the psychological phenomenon, the bystander effect.

9: KKK leader Nathan Bedford Forrest was born.

Klu Klux Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on Friday the 13th in July 1821. Forrest was a ruthless Confederate general in the Civil War before he became better known for his role in the establishment of the KKK as a Grand Wizard sometime in late 1866 or early 1867.

10: Hurricane Charley.

Friday the 13th in August 2003 went down as the unluckiest day of Charlotte County, Florida’s history. What started out as a tropical depression just days earlier turned into a major Category 4 storm, ripping through thousands of homes and killing 9 people.

11: Boy struck by lightning!

Being struck by lightning isn’t very likely to happen to you. There’s a 1 in 3,000 chance you’ll get struck. Compare that to your odds of getting in a car crash: The average person will get in a wreck three or four times during their lifetime. But one 13-year-old boy got pretty unlucky on Aug. 13, 2010, when he was struck by lightning at a festival. Get this: The lightning struck at 1:13 p.m., or 13:13 on a 24-hour clock. Very Spooky.

12: Creepy Buffalo Snow Storm.

On Friday, October 13, 2006, nearly half a million people lost power when Buffalo, New York, and the surrounding suburbs were buried under 22 to 24 inches of snow. Western New York is used to a lot of snow, but 24 inches? In October?!

13: Robert Bullard incident.

A full moon on Friday 13 February 1987 drove Robert Bullard, 21, to attempt suicide by putting his head in a gas oven. Unfortunately, suicide by natural gassing is virtually impossible since Britain moved from lethal coke gas to natural gas, which is less dangerous. However, a flicked light switch caused an explosion, which caused £35,000 of damage and injured his mother and a policeman. Robert was unharmed.
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