12 Priceless Reactions To Melanie Trumps “Scary” White House Decorations For Christmas

Melania Trump ( Wife to Donald ) decided to put up her Christmas decorations a little early this year. After she posted the photo of what some said looked ” Pretty Creepy ” some people decided to Photoshop some funny images into her picture.

To be honest the decorations looked a little more suited for Halloween which was last month, but I will let you decide for yourself.

Some of them are just absolutely hilarious. We made a list of the top 12 images people photo shopped and added them below.

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Oh here is the original picture by the way!

1 – Melania deciding to add dementors to the White House Christmas decorations was a nice touch.

2 – Why do the White House Christmas decorations look like the stick labyrinth at the end of Season 2 of True Detective.

3 – From Darkness into light!

4 – Trump!

5 – Jack Skellington in the picture!

6 – Even Beetlejuice didn’t look out of place.

7 –  Trump Shrine.

8 – It does looks cold!

9 – Now this one is spooky.

10 – It does look like a wedding chapel.

11 – Nightmare before Christmas.

12 – This looks like the correct picture!

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