11 Crazy Things No One Ever Told You Would Happen When You Have Your First Child

While browsing Facebook today I came across a post that I could relate to. A wonderful blogger named Gylisa Jayne posted this amazing article. She titled the post ” The things no one told me ” and said about the post ” There has been countless moments during my first year of motherhood, when I have thought ‘ why did no one tell me about this…!’ 

The post went viral and ended up reaching over 18 million people.

Check it out below!

1 –

No one told me that stitches in your private areas can actually hurt way more than birthing a 7lb baby.

2 –

No one told me that breastfeeding DOES FU*KING HURT. It does ok ? Anyone that says it shouldn’t is only HALF right. It is a sign of a bad latch if there is pain – but it is also a sign that your nipnop is being aggressively sucked for ( presumably) the first time. It takes a week or two for that to ease. But I swear – it does! And then your partner can take cute photos of you smiling with your cub instead of gritting your teeth and crying.

3 –

No one told me that EVERYONE will have an opinion on your baby – how to feed it, how to clothe it, how to name it, how to rock it, why you should only rock it for 5 seconds a day else it will be a spoilt little brat, and how if you aren’t holding it 24/7 then you are clearly a Shit Mum…. and so on.

4 –

No one told me a polite way of telling said opinionated people to Eff Off.

5 –

No one told me that I would really, honestly NEVER be alone again. This includes shitting, showering and shaving. Especially when they get older and find your shaving your fanny acutely interesting and you pray it doesn’t scar them for life….

6 –

No one told me that actually, once you get used to not being alone – you miss them when they nap because they are so cute. So cute…Oh god are her eyes opening ? Escape. Escape now ….!

7 –

No one told me that pregnancy side effects last for ages… so essentially you are pregnant for like two years. Like an elephant. Which is how fat you feel now.

8 –

No one told me that eating biscuits and drinking tea is a healthy diet. Because it’s not. But it gets you through the day – so who gives a shit.

9 –

No one told me that having a baby might make me hate my husband sometimes. That sometimes I really would prefer a cuddle with our baby. That it would feel unfair ALOT. But also, no one told me that seeing him playing/cuddling/looking after our baby would make me want to pop with happiness. And then cross my legs before he suggested another.

10 –

No one told me that despite feeling like I couldn’t do any of this, that I wouldn’t know the first thing about motherhood, actually my instincts would not fail me, and everyone is winging it. Some just make it look easier than others. Admiring someone else’s way of doing things shouldn’t make me question mine.

11 –

No one told me that they felt mad too after their babies. That they felt lonely and scared and weird and not like themselves anymore. No one told me so I felt I couldn’t tell anyone I felt like that either, until one day I did tell someone and it all spilled out and I ended up sharing my words with thousands of you. And you all admitted it too.

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