Woman Arrives Home And Finds The Family’s Pet Cat Swallowed Alive By A Snake, Police Try To Rescue Bobo But It’s Too Late

A heart broken cat owner arrived home to find their beloved pet cat Bobo had been swallowed whole by an enormous snake in Thailand.

The gigantic snake swallowed poor Bobo whole after slithering in to the families home in Patum Thani, Thailand On Wednesday.

It then made itself at home under the kitchen sink whilst attempting to digest the 3lb family pet cat.

Horrified own Saowak Harogoen stumbled across the gruesome spectacle when she arrived home and quickly called the police

Policeman and Animal Rescuers dragged the huge serpent out with it’s bulging stomach from the cupboard.

All 4 men then attempted to prod and twist the python in a valiant attempt to force the snake to regurgitate little Bobo but it was too late.

The shocking scenes were caught on camera.

bobo is now lies buried in the garden of the families home and is much missed by the Haragoen family.


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