This Cop Tried To Adopt An Unborn Baby From Homeless Woman On Drugs, Her Response Was Heartbreaking

A police officer and a father of four spotted a homeless woman with her boyfriend sitting on the ground outside a grocery store.

Officer Ryan approach to couple and then he realized they were just about to take heroin. The officer also noted that the woman was heavily pregnant.

He said to the woman ” you’re going to kill your baby.”

The woman whose name was Crystal Champ instantly broke down in tears. She expressed to Ryan that she had be homeless for almost 2 years and was struggling with a drug addiction since she was a very young age. She told him she had tried to get clean but did not have the willpower to do so.

The couple sleep inside this tent in Albuquerque New Mexico. They are both homeless and drug addicts.

Ryan is a police officer and he’s a dedicated father to four children.

It was on September the 23rd when Ryan found Crystal and her partner sitting on the ground behind the grocery store just about to inject themselves with heroin

But he never expected this encounter to change his life for the better.

Just as they were about to inject the heroin Ryan approached them.

Then Ryan noticed something that was a very worrying, Crystal was very heavily pregnant.

He shouted at her and said. “You’re going to kill your baby.”

She instantly broke down into tears and said “You have no idea how hard this is,” Crystal recounted to CNN. “I know what a horrible person I am and what a horrible situation I’m in.”

She then shared her full story with officer Ryan.

She told him how she had been struggling with a drug addiction for the most of her life and how she was homeless almost 2 years now.

Every time she tried to quit she would end up relapsing.

She told Ryan she was really desperate to try and get someone to adopt her baby. It was at that moment Ryan became a human instead of a police officer.

All of a sudden Ryan felt a huge wave of sadness and sympathy come over him for this poor young girl.

He then got this crazy idea.

He wanted to know if crystal would allow him adopt her unborn baby. He knew that he could provide for this child.

He said to CNN: “I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it because you can,’”

Ryan made a decision before he even told his wife Rebecca. But he was really surprised when she was already willing to adopt the unborn baby.

They had actually been thinking about adoption previously.

After only 3 weeks Ryan and Rebecca went to the hospital for the delivery of the baby ,who they named Hope.

She was born addicted to drugs.

Hope had to go through severe withdrawals and a complete detox. Luckily she pulled through and is in a stable condition.

They plan on telling Hope her story when she gets older and they would somehow like to include her birth mother along the way once she gets clean from drugs.

The officer believes that faith brought him together with the pregnant homeless addict.

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