Tattoo Fails That Will Make You Wonder What People Could Have Possibly Been Thinking

Tattoos are works of art etched onto the skin.

Which can either be an absolute nightmare. Below are a collection of tattoos which fall into the nightmare category.

This guy seems well proud of his first tattoo..although it looks like a drunken mistake

That’s not how clocks are numbered.

This guy actually got his car’s VIN number tattooed on his body. At least he’ll always have it on hand for filling out DMV forms.

Oh nooooooooo.

That kid’s initials may be TSD, but that tattoo looks an awful lot like STD.

You can’t just make words have the same number of letters in them! That’s not how it works!

Man, the New York Yankees logo looks so easy to draw, doesn’t it? And then, you get that tattoo needle in your hand and it becomes the hardest task in your entire tattooing career, apparently.

Corpse-like mom is currently in a state of living death (like she’s been bitten by a zombie and is seconds away from turning), she’s going to be disappointed.

The hero who got this tattoo valiantly attempted to explain:

I have no idea what a “ting miracle” is.

This next one is truly awful…

That’s not a suit. Sorry, but that is just not a suit. It’s not a suit.

This is actually a beautiful tattoo that honors the spirit and unique personality of a very special woman.

Imagine getting this tattoo

It looks like Bugs Bunny hit this hawk in the head with an over-sized cartoon mallet.

Wow that’s dark, would you agree?

This guy designed a drawing of the Mortal Kombat character when he was 14 who has infinite fatalities on his back.

Supposed to be a galaxy, but it looks nothing like that.

This is, like, an early Adult Swim version of Marilyn Monroe, and I personally think a super random sitcom about her being friends with a platypus who swears would be a lot of fun.

Sick vape!

Always proofread your tattoos.

This is a great rendition of James Hetfield it almost looks like a Funko Pop version of the guy.

Mario broke his arm and twisted it all around. Who’s going to save the princess now?

Is this person an actual doctor who just really cares about their patients.

This tattoo is based off an actual self-portrait that Ben Franklin did of himself.

It’s supposed to be a constellation of stars doesn’t exactly look like a constellation of stars.

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