These 21 Hilarious Haircuts Will Make You Cringe So Bad. #11 Is The Worst I Have Ever Seen

Every now and then we all have a bad hair day or a bad haircut. In the below pictures you will see the worst haircuts and worst decisions ever made! Let us know in the comment section which one you think is the worst!

1 – Everybody loved having their school photo taken right?

2 – Even with the glasses I am sure she would have noticed this haircut was not right?

3 – Maybe the earrings are actually worse?

4 – What type of cut is this?

5 – I am sure this cut was popular at some stage?

6 –  She is literally hiding in her hair.

7 – Too young to remember!

8 – The bowl cut!

9 – A girl or a boy? I really can’t tell

10 – She knew….. she knew…

11 – She looks like a UFO

12 – She thought she was a rock star!

13 – I am actually impressed with this haircut…

14 – Pink to make the boys wink ( or run )

15 – Is that black marker on his face?

16 – That guy from the movie? Back to the future… 🙂

17 – How could we forget good old donald!

18 – Even this cat sometimes has a bad hair day!

19 – Or this poor sheep!

20 – Or this chimp!

21 – Last but not least! Your best friend when you tell her that her new hairdo is lovely even though she knows its terrible!

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Source: Google Images

Source: Just Something


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