Rescue Worker Noticed Strange Lumps All Over This Dogs Body. After Closer Inspection They Are Left Speechless

Many people think that pit bulls are a dangerous breed. This is mainly due to the fact that they are
sometimes used for dog fighting and it ends up causing them to become violent when
they are left back into the public. You need to remember that this dog at one
stage had normal feelings like any other dog.

Even though you might think a creature might have no chance of survival its always worth trying. This story is about a dog ( pitbull )
who was found laying helplessly at the side of the road. Many people drove past but one special lady stopped for this dog.

The pit bull never expected anyone to stop and had given up on life. When she found the pit bull she noticed lumps all over
his body. These lumps turned out to be ticks and things were not looking good for him

She contacted a shelter right away and brought him there for assistance. She had also recorded a video to
show the staff the exact state she found him in

They were stunned at the footage they saw and they immediately began working on the pit bull to try and save his life.
They covered him in a special shampoo to help remove the ticks and keep him alive.

Thanks to the selfless actions of the woman who stopped at the side of the road they managed to save his life. If
you want to learn a little bit more about the dog and woman who saved his life then please watch the video below.

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