Man makes hilarious complaint to IKEA – now thousands are laughing at the embarrassing incident

Sometimes things don’t always go your way and then you have to make a choice. You can either sit around and do nothing while feeling sorry for yourself or you can just have a little giggle about the whole situation.

When Claus has this majorly embarrassing incident in his shower after he bought this new IKEA stool he decided that it was worth sharing his story on Facebook. However he did not expect the story to go viral like it did. Claus had ended up hurting his knee and had decided to use the stool in the shower. After look at a couple of different variations of stools he decided that the small red one was a good choice as it was small and made from plastic and steel so the material would not get wet.

But the one thing he didn’t take into account was that the stool had 8 small holes in it. Something he would regret later. Here is his story below:

“Once I got home, I put my new piece of furniture in the shower and got in, this time without clothes. I calmly sat down on the stool and soaped up my whole body, including the ‘captain’ and his ‘two sailors’. As you might imagine, the sailors are what dangles between my legs, but since this is a public Facebook post I’ll stick to more flowery language.”

“So, when the deck got slippery and the captain and his crew got dizzy from all the foam, they started sliding around like drunk sailors!” Claus writes, and continues:

“Then something terrible happened. A sailor unwittingly made his escape and slid down one of the holes in the stool. I didn’t notice at first, but as you know things tend to expand when they are warmed up. And when a sailor gets really hot, then he really expands in size. I didn’t notice this until I tried standing up, only to find that the stool was hanging on behind me, and a searing white pain went through me like lightning. That good-for-nothing sailor was stuck in the hole!”

“So there I sat. And sat. I was thinking about my predicament and trying to figure a way out of it. I couldn’t pull up the sailor, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to push him up from below without having to go to the hospital. So I kept sitting there, pondering,” Claus types.

“I sat there until I ran out of hot water – and when the hot water runs out, you get cold, terribly cold.” he writes, and continues:

“Since I started getting cold, I thought about how I could keep warm, so I tried reaching for the hair dryer… and guess what happened?!? The cold had made that damn sailor shrink again, and with a pop I was a free man once more!”

IKEA ended up spotting the story and decided to write him this reply:

“Hello Claus. We’re sorry to hear that your crew got in trouble and that the Coast Guard almost had to intervene. We recommend you take this stool out of the shower and put a nice flower pot on it. 
If you do decide to keep it in the shower, then make sure that you’re wearing the right clothing for a rough day at sea – we recommend putting on a sou’wester. Have a great day,” writes IKEA.

Well done IKEA marketing team!



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