24-year old weighed 660lb. Now look at her incredible transformation after losing 267 lbs.

Amber Rachdi who lives in Oregon usa has had weight issues her whole life. By time she was only 24 years old she had skyrockted to a astounding weight of 660lbs.

She could then no longer care for herself and had to move back home to live with her parents so that they could help her with daily tasks. Eventually she realized she could not go on like this for the rest of her life and was encouraged by her boyfriend to try and make a change.

The only time she left the house was when she wanted to buy food and the only way she could move was on her electric moped.

Amber was not only affected physically she was also emotionally affected. She needed to wash on a daily basis in between her folds of skin so she would avoid getting infections.

Her last resort was to apply for a television show called ” My 600 lbs Life ” to try and lose the weight.

She had reached her worst point in her life and was consuming 4 large meals a day and loads of sweets,chocolate and candy on top of that. The more she ate, the more unhappy she was and vice versa.

Her cycle was vicious and it even got so bad that she was unable to sleep with her boyfriend due to her weight. They had no sex life whatsoever.

Finally she decided she needed to get a hastric bypass, as operation which will reduce your stomach size. This came with huge complications due to her size and her boyfriend had become very worried.

Before she could get the operation doctors told her that she would need to lose 22 pounds. She was very determined to do this. She packed her bags and moved to Texas in order to be closer to the surgeon who would be performing the operation. She started eating better and getting a healthy routine.

In only a few months she was able to lose the weight and could go through with the operation. Amber was about to have a new start in life. After the operation Amber was very sore and was bed bound for a while. A couple of months later she was after losing over 90 lbs.

She carried on eating healthy and began walking and working out. Eventually after one year she had successfully lost almost 150 lbs. People were hardly able to recognize her.

Her doctor was so proud of her that he agreed to remove her excess skin for free.

Amber began going to a therapist in order to help her handle her binge eating disorder and continued on her healthy lifestyle.

After she had suffered from depression for years on end she now said she is ” Finally happy again “.

Although she has not reached her target weight she says she is well on her way.

Share this amazing story with your family and friends to show that anything is impossible. Well done Amber!


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