13 Things Men Do That Will Annoy Every Woman In The World. #7 Is The Worst

We all know how annoying men can be at times. But they seem to have a certain few things they do that are especially annoying. Giving you the top 13 things men do that will annoy you!

1. Look at their phones while we’re speaking and then ask, “WHAT?!”

2. Neglect to celebrate milestones

3. They want to take you out, they don’t want to PLAN the outing


4. They don’t know how to be quiet when they come in drunk.

5. Telling her to stop over-reacting on her period.

6. Tell her she didn’t tell you something

7. Literally never notice anything

8. Having spiky stubble when we kiss you. Try telling that to the hulk though..

9. Not knowing what to say when we’re upset

10. Never admitting you’re wrong

11. Critiquing driving and parking

12. Leaving piles of clothes in the bedroom

13. Taking forever to text back


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