Dentist Opens Up Patient’s Mouth Only To Find This Horrible Insect Between Their Teeth

Warning: The Article Contains Some Graphic Content

Normally when you are going to the dentist you end up feeling nervous and afraid. However this experience seemed to leave the dentist terrified and almost feeling sick after what he noticed in the patients mouth.

The video seen below went viral in India and shows a dentist pulling back the gum on a patient only to discover that his mouth is completely infected with maggots.

You can watch the clip below and feel free to tell a friend about it and freak them out:

Have you ever seen anything so disgusting in your life? How do you think this person managed to live while this was going on inside his mouth. I would have thought that the irritation of them crawling around your gums would of been enough to go and do something about it alot sooner.

Please on Twitter seemed pretty disgusted also with one user saying ” I literally got sick on top of my phone “

It turns out the patient had a rare disease:

Myiasis is a rare disease primarily caused by infestation of tissue by larvae of houseflies. Oral myiasis is still more ‘rare’ and ‘unique’ owing to the fact that oral cavity rarely provides the necessary habitat conducive for a larval lifecycle.

Have you ever seen anything so disgusting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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